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Yamaha rds280 Seascooter


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The Yamaha RDS280 water scooter is the new model of the Yamaha Professional Series. With the same benefits as the RDS250, but with greater speed (4.5 km/h). It is very light and transportable. It is the ideal complement for snorkel lovers. Includes the GoPro camera support accessory (the camera is not included).

The maximum speed of up to 4.5 km/h

This single-speed seascooter can reach the speed of up to 4.5 km / h. With the RDS280, you can snorkel, cover long distances, dive with speed, dive and swim across the surface without getting tired. The ideal water scooter for lovers of water sports.

Operating time:

Up to 90 minutes with normal use (30 minutes in continuous use).


Only 8.2 kg, battery included.

Dimensions (mm):

631 x 385 x 322


The device is designed to be waterproof for greater protection against flooding by accident. It has positive buoyancy for saltwater. In freshwater, it will have less buoyancy and can sink easily but slowly.

RDS280 is the new Professional Series model of Yamaha seascooters. It offers the same features as the RDS250, but with greater speed (4.5 km / h). Light and transportable, it is the dream complement for snorkeling lovers. It is perfect for recreational diving and snorkeling adventures.

Enjoy the reefs diving at a maximum depth of 30 m with this Yamaha seascooter. This underwater scooter is powered by a 192-watt electric motor and powered by a lead-acid battery.



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  • how deep can the rds280 dive?

    The Yamaha rds280 Seascooter can dive up to a 100 feet or 30 meters.