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Yamaha Explorer Seascooter


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With an extremely compact design, the Explorer is the most complete aquatic propeller of the Yamaha sea scooters recreational range, with features that allow you to navigate, dive, snorkel or have fun in the water.

With adjustable speed, the Yamaha Seascooter Explorer will keep you propelled in the water while diving with a free lung or tube. Its ability to reach up to 10 meters deep makes it the ideal companion to start diving with propulsion. It has safety features that include automatic disconnection, dual start control, a propeller with housing, and positive buoyancy.

The beginner diving scooter has a power gear and is therefore very easy to use. Therefore, it is recommended using the Yamaha Explorer from 8 years of age. If the battery is exhausted, the underwater scooter can be recharged within 4-6 hours.

Other Key Features:

  • Manufacture is completely waterproof.
  • Safety features include a safety grid, automatic disconnection, and dual start control.
  • Positive buoyancy (the Explorer is designed to be used in seawater and will have less buoyancy in freshwater, lake, or pool, being able to sink into those waters).



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  • Does this scooter work on salt water?

    Yes the Yamaha Explorer Seascooter work on both salt and fresh water.