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Yamaha 275L Seascooter


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The Yamaha 275L Seascooter is a powerful battery-powered driving propeller that stands out for having 2 hours of autonomous operation. It has the capacity to dive up to 40 meters and navigate at a speed of up to 5.3 km/h. The 275L is designed for experienced users who dive frequently and seek maximum performance.

This seascooter is a powerful dive machine with customized sealed and a lead 12v acid battery. Since it is an acid battery, occasional battery maintenance is required. Reaching a depth of 40 meters, the 275L will travel at speeds of up to 5.3 km/h. The 275L is a true workhorse designed for people who dive frequently and depend on their equipment.

Operating time

Up to 120 minutes with normal use (50 minutes in continuous use).


14.5 kg (including battery).

Other Key Features:

  • 3-level speed control, with a maximum speed of up to 5.3 km/h.
  • A sealed lead-acid battery powers the device.
  • Powered by a 132-watt electric motor and powered by a lead-acid battery.
  • You can dive or snorkel without problems for up to 120 min with this Yamaha seascooter.
  • Waterproof circuitry for added protection against accidental flooding.
  • It is designed with positive buoyancy for saltwater. In freshwater, it will have less buoyancy and may sink slowly.
  • Complete with GoPro camera support accessory (camera not included)
  • Battery indicator.
  • Superior flood prevention system.
  • Automatic buoyancy adjustment system.
  • Powered by a replaceable high-performance battery
  • The Product size is 12.6 "x 12.6" x 28 " or you can say 320 x 320 x 710 (in millimeters)



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  • Is the battery on this one replaceable?

    Yes the Battery used on Yamaha 275L Seascooter is replaceable.