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White SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro with phone holder mount
Black SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro Semi front view
Black SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro with Phone holder mount
SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro with detached protective shroud

SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro (Lead Time to Ship 3-5 Business Days)

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    Are you looking for ultimate fun below the surface? You’re in luck! The SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro will transform your enjoyment of water recreation. Underwater scooter reviews easily classify the WhiteShark Mix Pro at the cutting edge of aquatic devices. This device is compact and lightweight, making it the smallest double-helix underwater scooter currently on the market. These features, coupled with a relatively low speed maximum of 5 km/h renders it maneuverable by swimmers of all ages, making it ideal for holistic underwater family fun. An additional hallmark of this device is its portability - you can take it anywhere. This superior seascooter can dive to depths of up to 131 feet, making it perfect for fun in the ocean or the pool! So if you’re traveling in 2020 or 2021, rest assured that the SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro can easily accompany you on those cherished trips. What is more, the sealed waterproof phone case can be fitted with your smartphone so that you can live-stream or record your WhiteShark experience to share with friends later. Purchase yours today - you deserve the enjoyable aquatic experience promised by the SuBlue WhiteShark Mix Pro.


    • Battery: Li-Polymer (11.1V / 11.0Ah)
    • Watt: 520 W (2x 260 W)
    • With floater (optionally provides buoyancy)
    • Steadily increasing acceleration
    • Max. Speed: 5 km / h
    • Battery life: 30 min.
    • Max. Diving depth: 40 meters
    • Size: 265 x 230 x 150 mm
    • Features: Very quiet (50db), GoPro Mount, can be taken on board as hand luggage
    • Weight: 2.9 kg (including battery)
    • Scope of delivery: 1x White Shark, 1x battery, 1x Charging cable, 1x transport bag, 1x floater

    We think it's a great scooter to have for any diving situation. Extremely fun for anyone in the family, including mom, dad, kids, and grandparents. 




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    • How deep can the WhiteShark Mix Pro travel and also what is the battery life ?

      The WhiteShark Mix Pro can travel 131 ft (40m) with a battery life of 1 hr.