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Artic White Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter Semi front view
Aqua Blue Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter Semi Front view
Space Blue Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter Semi Front view
Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter on beach sand
Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter towed by an adult man toward the beach water
Adult Woman Carrying Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter on one hand on a beach
Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter bottom view
Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter side view
Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter with accessories
Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter Shroud piece top view

Sublue Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter (Lead Time to Ship 3-5 Business Days)

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    Effortlessly navigate underwater with the world's smallest underwater scooter. The Watershark Mix underwater scooter is the first of its class with double propellers that allow scuba divers, snorkelers, and water sport enthusiasts to reach speeds up to 3.36mph.


    This compact but powerful sidekick can be submerged 131 feet and features an external GoPro attachement to record all your underwater experiences. It also features zero torque in order to change direction freely in the water.



    The Whiteshark Underwater Scooter includes a 30 minutes battery life, ultra-silent mode (to not disturb surrounding ecology), and temperature resistance of -20℃ to 50℃.


    Explore the underwater with this powerful, user-friendly underwater scooter today.



    1. Simple operation- magnet switches on both left and right handles make the Whiteshark Mix easy to use.
    2. Portable size with plenty of energy. Total weight of 6.38lbs is easily to carry at home or abroad. Dual thrusters release 8kgf thrust in total to explore the underwater world.
    3. Comes with a removeable floater for either positive or neutral buoyancy, waterproof construction with protective covers to prevent fingers from accidental injury.
    4. Powered by a sealed and rechargeable 11000hAm battery, with a run time of up to 30 minutes with normal usage. The working depth is rated to 40m / 131ft, with maximum speed of 3.35miles/h.
    5. Equipped with an action camera mount for POV filming.



    1. Speed may vary from person to person based on load and environment.
    2. 30 minutes is the average time when used by swimmers in normal under water conditions and will vary with the intensity of usage.
    3. It’s suggested to prepare two or more dedicated batteries to swap out during longer sessions.
    4. Action camera is not included with the Whiteshark mix and should be purchased independently to make videos.


    Size: 18.3 x 9.05 x 9.05 inch

    Weight: 6.38 lbs

    Speed: 3.36 mp/h (maximum)

    Working Depth: 40m / 131ft (depth limit)

    Endurance: 30 minutes (normal use)

    Battery: 11000mAh


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    • How long to recharge the battery after it is used?

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your inquiry!
      The Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter's charging time is 2 hours.

      Thank you and we're looking forward to hearing again from you. 
      Wanderlust Drones Customer Care

    • How heavy is the Whiteshark Mix?

      The Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter weighs at just 6.4lbs or 2.9kg