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Trident Water Scooter


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Take charge of your own swimming and diving experiences with the portable and sleek Trident Water Scooter. This powerful little sidekick can propel swimmers through water at a 6.5mph speed, while being able to travel 164ft deep. Perfect for scuba and free divers looking to capture their favorite sea floor creatures!



The Trident Underwater Scooter is an underwater drone that can be used by anyone! Not only does it feature a child safety lock to prevent accidents and improper usage, but its two speed levels can allow swimmers to cruise by ocean life leisurely at 2.2mph or zip through at an incredible 4mph. Its battery pack is also extremely convenient for traveling. The removable battery runs on a 45 minute charge and takes only 1.5 hours to recharge. Faster than a typical phone charge!



Camera Compatible

Lastly - if you're looking to capture all your underwater adventures, simply attach your Gopro to the device dock that can also be used for a flashlight to light up your favorite wreck or deep dives.




     Weight: 3.7kg(8.15lb)
     Dimensions: 500*210*226mm
     Depth: 50m(164ft)
     Variable speed: 3.6km/h or 6.5km/h
     Operating temperature: 0~40°C
     Extension support: GoPro, light
     Lock: child safety lock
     Speed level: Two


     Thrust: 12kg
     Power: 180w/480w


     Capacity: 6300mAh/140Wh
     Charging time:1.5 hours ~ 2 hours