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Splashdrone 3+


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The Splashdrone 3+ is the most adaptable and skilled drone on the market. The Splashdrone 3+ is fully dynamic in it's design allowing the pilot to swap from fishing payloads, to 4K cameras within seconds. The SplashDrone 3+ was designed to fly through the air, but handle any water as well. Easily swap to one of the many payloads available for the Splashdrone 3+. This drone covers everything from Air to Sea. If you are looking to film water sports, drop a fishing line, use the drone for Search & Rescue, or simply just feel comfortable flying over bodies of water, the Splashdrone 3+ is the drone for you.



100% Waterproof & Durable

The Splashdrone 3+ is heavily tested with pressure to prove it's waterproof capabilities. In order to ensure the drone can handle all the action our pilots throw at it, the Splashdrone 3+ is built with 3mm Reinforced ABS, and all components are corrosion resistant making the drone capable in both fresh and salt water environments. With the all new S3 flight controller built into the Splashdrone 3+, pilots can feel safer than ever with the increased accuracy, speed of position and even greater sensitivity. The S3 allows the Splashdrone 3+ to lock onto up to 24 satellites via GPS and GLONASS systems.



New Features

The Splashdrone 3+ has been improved with all new high thrust motors which are coated for corrosion and allow the drone to fly in winds up to 31mph with exceptional performance. The motors aren't the only improved build on the Splashdrone 3+, the propellers have now been upgraded to Quick-Fit propellers. The Quick-Fit propellers are lighter, more durable and make prepping the drone for flight even faster.


The Controller

Enjoy the custom design of the new remote with it's 5" built-in screen to Live-stream directly from the drone. Never lose sight of your drone again. Not only does the screen allow you to see the direct feed from the camera, but it also gives you all the flight metrics you need to ensure your drone is flying well and flying safe. Brand new controls have been added to the remote to make it even easier to release any payload your drone may be carrying (Fishing Edition & Search/Rescue), make more precise movements, and even flip the drone over when it's landed in the water. Multiple modes for cruising and filming are available, right at your fingertips!



Cinematic Footage

Easily grab cinematic footage by moving the drone into "Cruise" mode. Cruise mode allows the pilot fly the Splashdrone 3+ with a single joystick while focusing on capturing videos with smooth pans (yaw) movements.


Cruise Mode

Switch the remote controller into the Cruise mode and you will be able to pan (yaw) and fly the SplashDrone 3+ simultaneously with a single joystick, making  your flight path smoother for more cinematic footage.

Fly Autonomously

With the upgrade bluetooth Ground Station, pilots can have the drone Fly Autonomously with several different modes:


Follow Me

Easily set the Splashdrone 3+ into Follow Mode to make the drone follow and record all your movements. The drone will be able to follow you up to 20mph, recording all your action.


Planned Flights

Pre-plan your flights by selecting waypoints from the map on your remote. As soon as you've planned all the necessary waypoints for the drone to get to, simply command the Splashdrone 3+ to start. Sit back and enjoy the flight!


Circle Flights

Using the map again, simply draw a cirle radius as well as the number of orbits to enable the Splashdrone 3+ to fly in circles while keeping the target perfectly in the middle of the shot. This flight mode is great for capturing stunning and unique footage autonomously.



Tap To Fly

Lastly, the Splashdrone 3+ is equipped with Tap To Fly. Simply tap on your screen where you want the drone to fly, and away it goes! The Splashdrone 3+ will hover right at that spot after it arrives, patiently waiting for the next point!

Safety Features

The Splashdrone 3+ is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. In case of an emergency, including low battery, the Splashdrone 3+ will "Return to Home", safely landing from where it took off. The Splashdrone 3+ has a multitude of alerts and warnings that will be conveniently displayed on the 5" screen built into the remote. The pilot should always feel in control of the drone and the splashdrone 3+ features ensure this happens. If upon take-off or landing from the water the drone was to flip over, the Splasdrone 3+ has a built-in Power-Flip "Self-Righting" feature which will conveniently flip the drone over and take-off to hover above the water. Lastly, if the pilot was to crash their drone or lose it, the Splashdrone 3+ has a built in "Location Beacon" to pinpoint on the map exactly where the drone is.


Updated Features:

- Power-Flip function when floating
- Lost Drone Location Beacon option
- Enhanced waterproofing throughout
- Circuit board moisture protection coating
- New Heat management system 
- New LiHV battery with 3 levels of battery warning
- Carry case for drone & accessories



What's Inside?

1 x SplashDrone 3+ main body 

1 x FPV Remote Controller 

1 x set of 1242 propellers ( Two pairs ) 

1 x Balance Charger 

1 x 5200 mAh LiHV Drone battery 

1 x Radio battery 

1 x set of Landing Gear 

1 x Aircraft User Manual

1 x Carry case 

(Important Note: If you want to use the Autonomous Flight features - APP Control, you will need to select the Autonomous Flight Ground Station Radio Module)