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The SCUBAJET Pro Dive sea scooter is perfect for your next dive, snorkeling adventure. The SCUBAJET PRO generates 20kg (44 lbs.) of thrust while you’ll get a velocity boost of up to 11 km/h (7mph). We provide two different 200 and 400 wh battery types. The airplane legal batteries are perfect for traveling the world with the SCUBAJET due to the 100 wh modules and can be taken in the hand luggage on airplanes too, while the non-airplane legal batteries consist of one module and are not allowed to bring on an aircraft.



SCUBAJET PRO is only 4 kg including the brand new Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand. The integrated display system shows all important information like power consumption, dive depth, temperature, and battery runtime viewable directly on the controller.

The SCUBAJET Pro provides a fully new experience while diving, snorkeling, and swimming. The SCUBAJET is constructed for dives up to 60m / 196 ft. It’s the lightweight and handy alternative to existing diver propulsion vehicles without compromising in performance. 



Battery runtime - Dive

100 w
400wh 216 minutes
200wh 108 minutes
200 w
400wh 108 minutes
200wh 54 minutes
300 w
400wh 72 minutes
200wh 36 minutes
400 w
400wh 54 minutes
200wh 27 minutes
500 w
400wh 43 minutes
200wh 22 minutes
600 w
400wh 36 minutes
200wh 18 minutes
700 w
400wh 31 minutes
200wh 15 minutes
800 w
400wh 27 minutes
200wh 14 minutes
900 w
400wh 24 minutes
200wh 12 minutes
1000 w
400wh 22 minutes
200wh 11 minutes


Note: Please note that there might be additional tax and customs charges upon delivery which SCUBAJET has no influence on.



Weight 4 kg

SJ 200: 42 cm (16.5 inch) length, 8 cm (3.4 inch) diameter
SJ 400: 58 cm ( 22.8 inch) length I 8 cm (3.4 inch) diameter

Battery type

200 wh non-airplane legal, 400 wh non-airplane legal, 200 wh airplane legal, 400 wh airplane legal


Dual Dive Controller


200 wh – 3 hours, 400 wh – 6 hours, 1000 charge cycles

Scope of delivery

SCUBAJET, Charger, Dual Dive Controller, Nose or LED Light, akku I accessories


1kg negative


2 years

Remote Controller

not included

LED light

no LED light, 500 Lumen LED light, 1500 Lumen light


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