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Hoverstar H2 Underwater Scooter


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Start Adventuring:
Rip through the water with all new Hoverstar H2 water scooter. The H2 is designed to take you to new depths, exploring the vast unknown. Ergonomically designed to make the H2 comfortable to use. Easily mount an action camera and record all the action! The H2 can propel the swimmer through the water up to
 5 1/2 mph.



The Design:
Designed with a sleek, hydrodynamic 3 1/2-foot wingspan, its waterproof polymer shell houses a powerful electric motor that drives a shrouded propeller. Nylon loops on the top of each wing accept each forearm and a throttle built into the leading edge of the left wing changes its three speeds with each squeeze of the fingers. Tilting side-to-side provides gliding turns while nosing down/up descends/ascends. Positive buoyancy ensures it returns to the surface.



Camera Friendly:
Easily mount any action camera to the top of the H2 to start recording all the action above or underwater.



One hour and 40 minutes of operation from a 3-hour charge using its AC adapter. 3 1/2' L x 2 1/4' W x 1' H. (30 lbs.)

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Lead time:3 days - Included 12 months warranty - Additional warranties available.


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  • How's the battery life of Hoverstar H2?

    The Hoverstar H2 has a battery life of 1 hour and 40 minutes.