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Introducing the FIFISH V6 - The most agile drone on the market. The FIFISH V6 has full 360 degrees of motion thanks to its 6 propellers. Spin, roll, flip, tip-up, down, and all-around with the all-new FIFISH V6. Boasting more than impressive movements; The FIFISH V6 is slam packed with a 4K UHD video with an impressive 162 degree FOV, internal video stabilization, Head-tracking, a 4-hour battery life, and 4000 Lumen lights controllable by the app.



  • 4K UHD Video
  • 360 Degree Movement
  • 4-Hour Battery with 1-Hour charge Time
  • 2x2000 Lumen Lights
  • 162 Degree Field of View
  • VR Headset compatible for immersive diving
  • 6 Thrusters
  • Head Tracking



The FIFISH V6 can be set up to live-stream straight from the drone to a VR headset giving you an unbelievably immersive experience. Dive up to 100m all while controlling the movements of the FIFISH V6 with your head. Simply turn your head to get a better view and the drone will turn with you. The Head Tracking technology inside the FIFISH V6 brings this underwater drone to the next level. Pick up the HDMI Box and allow others to see your underwater drone's live stream straight to a monitor or boat screen while you dive!





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