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CHASING Underwater Drone Robot Arm Accessory


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CHASING Robot Arm is small and easy to install. The maximum drag force is 15 kg and the force is adjustable. It is suitable for multiple uses such as sampling detection.



  • Size: 460 x 33.5 mm
  • Weight: 370g
  • Weight in Water: 50g
  • Max Grasping Force: 3kg
  • Max Drag Force: 15kg
  • Opening and Closing Distance: 120mm
  • Max Depth: 100 meters
  • Single Opening / Closing Time: 1.5s



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  • How strong is the grip of the claw of the Chasing Robot Arm?

    The gripping power of the Chasing Robot Arm is 3kg

  • What is the length of the Chasing Robot Arm?

    It is 18.1 inches or 460 millimetre