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BW Space Pro 4K Zoom Underwater Drone


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What are the dimensions for the BW Space Pro?
The weight is about 8.5lb and it's size is 16*12*5 inches.

What is the maximum resolution of videos and images?
The BW Space Pro comes with three types: 4K Zoom, 4K and FHD.

The 4K Zoom features a 12 mega-pixel camera with a maximum video resolution of 3840x2160 - 30 frames per second. The Focal length is 9.8mm-11.4mm with a 6x Zoom.

The 4K UHD version is characterized by 130-degree wide-angle camera, a fixed Focal Length of 4.45 and 1/1.7" CMOS sensor. The camera takes 12 mega-pixel stillshots and its maximum resolution for video is 3840x2160 - 30 frames per second. 

The FHD version is more consumer friendly. It comes equipped with a 1080P FHD Camera with a fixed focal length of 6mm, which can take 2.13 mega-pixel stillshots. The maximum video resolution is 1920x1080 - 30 frames per second.

What are the differences between the three types?
These three types differ in camera as well as remote controller. The BW Space Pro 4K Zoom is marked with a 4K Zoom camera and a more advanced remote controller. The 4K UHD Edition has a fixed focus 4K camera and a more simplistic remote controller. The FHD Edition shoots in 1080P and also comes with the simplistic remote controller. The diving depth, tether, WiFi Repeater and other accessories are the same. 

How many times Zoom is the BW Space Pro 4K Zoom?
6x Zoom with a Focal Length Range of 3.8mm-11.4mm.

How many meters can the BW Space Pro dive?
The maximum diving depth is 100 meters.

How long does the battery last on the BW Space Pro?
The battery will last 3-4 hours under normal use, but with conservative use, we have seen just under 5 hours.

How long does the WiFi Repeater operate?
Like the battery on the BW Space Pro underwater drone, the WiFi Repeater can last 4 hours.

How long does it take to charge the BW Space Pro?
It takes 4 hours to charge the underwater drone and 1.5 hours to charge the WiFi repeater.

When charging the BW Space Pro, can I turn it on?

Do I have to use the tether when using the BW Space Pro?
Yes, because underwater signal transmission is relatively complex, the tether plays a significant role. 

What is the length of the tether?
The standard tether length is 100m but we also offer 50m and 150m depending on the user's needs.

Is the WiFi Repeater waterproof?
No. The WiFi Repeater is not waterproof.

What is the brightness of the BW Space Pro?
The BW Space Pro front camera is equipped with dual LED lights at 1380 lumens and it can automatically adjust its brightness in accordance to the underwater environment.

Can I use the mobile phone to control the BW Space Pro?
Yes! Users can download the Youcan Dive App in the App Store or Google Play to control all movements and camera functions.

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet with the remote controller?
The advanced remote controller that comes with the 4K Zoom model can hold a phone or laptop to stream to with a maximum size of 10.4 inches. The Simplistic remote controller which comes with both other versions of the BW Space Pro can hold a mobile phone up to 3.1 inches.

Does the BW Space Pro support live-streaming?
Yes! BW Space Pro supports a group of major domestic and foreign social media's for live broadcasting. Including: YouTube, OBS, Douyu, Panda TV and ore.

What is the storage capacity for the BW Space Pro?
64 GB which comes out to roughly 4.7 hours of 4K video. The memory card is built-in and cannot be removed.

Is there a microphone on the BW Space Pro to record underwater sounds?
No, at this time there is not.

Can I use the BW Space Pro in both fresh and saltwater?
Yes, but we highly recommend thoroughly cleaning the underwater drone and tether to avoid salt crystallization.



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