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Spry Sport Edition

Spry Sport

The Most Agile Waterproof Drone On The Market!

  • Orbit Flights

    Follow, Orbit & More

  • Autonomous Navigation

    Pre-determined Flight Paths

  • Tap to Fly

    Tap screen to move Drone

  • Return Home

    Returns Home in Emergencies & Low Battery

  • One Key Launch

    Press One Button for Takeoffs

  • 4K 30FPS
    Amazing Captures

    12MP Stillshots too!

All Waterproof

The Spry Sport as well as the remote are 100% waterproof. Feature Packed with image stabilization, 4K 30FPS, 12MP Photos and multiple autonomous flight modes including Follow Me, Circle and Return To Home.

Own The Most Agile Waterproof Drone Today, Flying Up To 40mph!

  • Follow Modes

    Leading, Chasing, Anything! Always Stay in the frame!

  • Orbit Modes

    Circle in 360 Degrees to capture all the action!

  • Return Home

    Automatically return home in case of emergencies or low batteries

  • Image Stabilization

    Electronic image stabilization to provide smooth and fluid video capture

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