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Explore the Underwater World

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Dive to 98ft

Explore the underwater world, diving to 98ft making this drone ideal for fish finding, scuba diving, and more

  • 4hrs Operating Time

  • Strong Front Lights

  • 98ft Depth Capabilities

  • Built-in Video Stabilization

  • Depth Hovering

PowerVision VR ONE Plus Goggle

PowerRay's VR Goggles provide users an immersive First Person View (FPV) experience. Allowing you to interact with the underwater world on many levels

Vision+ App: Your In Control

The Vision+ App is the official app for the PowerVision line of products. It is not only a powerful data terminal but also a virtual controller for PowerRay. The app can acquire detailed information from underwater sonar and navigation. It can preset fish distribution. The 4K camera parameters with real-time 1080P underwater streaming. Vision+ supports iOS and Android systems and can be downloaded in all major app stores.