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CHASING M2 ROV Professional Underwater Drone with a 4K UHD Camera


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CHASING M2-Underwater Drone

Take your ocean explorations and adventures to a new level with the Chasing M2 Underwater Drone. Award winning technological innovation all packed into one lightweight and easily transportable submersible. M2’s compact body made of a aluminum alloy keeps its weight below just 5 kilograms. Impressively light and small, the ROV can be carried by a single person, taken on airplanes and used anywhere. Shoot stills and video record on a removable SD memory card or stream like a pro to various social media platforms. The M2 comes equipped with a digitally stabilized 4K EIS camera lens that delivers 4K video and can shoot an impressive 30 frames of crystal clear 1080 pixel stills per second. No need to worry about low light conditions. LED lights rated at 4000 lumen has three levels of intensity come standard and effectively illuminates the area you are in allowing for imagery capture with exquisite detail.  



The M2 boasts the first ever omni-directional layout of 8 vectored thrusters that provides 6 DOF (degree of freedom) movement enabling the unit to climb, dive and rotate in 360-degree flips, rolls and pivots in all directions even in harsh underwater environments. The drone’s body can reach depths of up to 330 feet, running at a maximum speed of 3 knots and a max dive time of 2-4 hours per charge with the default 97.68WH lithium battery. If you’re looking for longer dive times, grab a 200WH swappable battery for extended usage.






On top of all of the premium features that come standard with the M2, you can further customize your ROV with attachments to enhance the already spectacular performance. Attachments include robot claws, external LED lights, laser scalers, and even a GoPro camera. Additional GoPro cameras can be mounted on the M2’s front and rear, as well as extra lights. It can also support an array of sensors.





Removable SD Memory Card, Download Anytime and Anywhere

The 64G SD memory card is removable, and users can choose SD cards of different capacities, up to 512G.



 OMNI Movement

 Swappable Battery  3 Knots Speed

 Dive To 330ft

 4K UHD EIS Camera  Sophisticated Attachments
 Anti-Stuck Motor   Removable SD Card  User Friendly Interaction


What's Included?


Name Qty Illustration Name Qty Illustration
Drone 1 Remote Controller 1
Winder & Tether 1 Gopro Mounting Base 1
Power Cord & 3 in 1 Charger 1 EPP Storage Box 1
M3*8 Screws 4 Towel 1
O-rings 18   Support Documents 4




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  • Does the Chasing M2 Underwater Drone have Image Stabilization built-in?

    The M2 Drone have an anti-shake feature built-in the Sony camera with Electronic Image Stabilization [EIS] technology.