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Hoverark Search & Rescue


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The Hoverark H3 is a completely new, revolutionary search and rescue device. The H3 was designed with Firefighters, Coast Guard, Marine Bureau and more in mind. Hoverark H3 is a mix between a traditional life boat and the traditional life buoy. 100% remote controlled, life-saving device. The H3 is capable of reaching a drowning person in record times. The operator can stay on the boat or shore, while remote controlling the H3 to drive towards the person in need of help. This greatly reduces the risk of losing lives. H3 can move at 6m/s when there is no one on it, and 2m/s when carrying a passenger. Hoverark H3 is capable of carrying up to 2-3 people in one trip. The battery life on the H3 is a huge plus for this search and rescue drone, lasting 45min with options for Quick Charge to get it back out into the water.



  • Real Time GPS positioning
  • Tracing and Control with LQR
  • Intelligent course revision
  • Automatic return if transmission is lost.
  • Powerful boost against wind and waves
  • Supports front and back side driving
  • Life Saving



No-load Speed: 6m/s
Load Speed: 2m/s
Effective Payload: 200kg
Battery Life: 45min
Charging Time: 3h
Quick Charge Time: 2h
Weight: 13kg
GPS Precision: 2m
Remote Control Range: 800m
Dimensions: 103x63x20cm