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  • Looking for an Aerial Waterproof Drone with Personal Camera Capabilities?

    Our Powervison PowerEgg X AI Camera and Drone lies at the cutting edge of this field. This device uses artificial intelligence to guarantee precise facial recognition and deep learning capabilities that set it apart from similar cameras.
  • Reveal The Scenery - Video Tips

    Reveals are an easy way to change up your film and make it more interesting. By nature, reveals make the viewer wait in anticipation before stunning them with the final scenery. Keeping the user engaged is paramount when it comes to filming, and using reveals is a great way to do this. I typically use 4 types of reveals: Bottom To TopHelixFrom Behind and From The Top
  • Fear of Flight

    One real issue with new drone pilots is the “Fear of Flight“. Let’s be honest, Drones can be expensive and nobody wants to crash their new (or old!) drone. Myself as well as other drone pilots have experienced such a fear of flight that it actually keeps the drone from being used! Don’t let fear keep your drone grounded. This week’s post will cover some tips & tricks that I’ve used to overcome the fears, whether it was a fear of not knowing my drone, a fear of flying in front of others or maybe just a general fear of crashing. I’d love to hear some more tips & tricks from some of you to pass along to the newer members in our community! Let me know what helps you!