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SeaBow - Introducing The All New Underwater Scooter

If you're a scuba diver, free-diver or even a recreational swimmer, this is a product you should check out. SEABOW is an underwater scooter designed to propel you through the water. It has dual propellers built-in. There are three speed modes with a maximum speed of 1.8 meters per second or six feet per second. One great advantage of the SEABOW is the ability to control it with a single hand, leaving your other hand available to pick objects up, move things around, adjust goggles, etc.

There are two large buttons for handling; They are the power and speed increase buttons. SEABOW has an OLED display, where it tells you your speed, your running time, and how much power is left. the OLED display is very bright and easy to read underwater. If you are running low on battery life, the SEABOW will give you a vibration alert as well as start flashing the screen to get your attention.

What makes it cool is you've got a maximum run-time of about 45 minutes with a replaceable battery charge of 158 Wh, so your downtime is extremely small. 

Seabow Features:

SEABOW isn't only one of the newest Underwater Scooters on the market, but also on of the most equipped. SEABOW was first introduced at CES where it was awarded as being one of the most innovative underwater scooters on the market. It was designed for swimmers, snorkelers, scuba divers, and free-divers. Check out the feature breakdown here.


Tri-speed switch

Quickly switch between three speeds for when you want to maneuver, cruise, and jet and find new ways to explore underwater. The Tri-speed switch is designed for maximum underwater agility.


Explore More!

Explore deeper, further & easier with SEABOW.

  • Max speed of 1.8m/s
  • Low battery alarm
  • Unique crossbow shaped design for both power and speed.
  • Light-weight & Compact Design

OLED Screen & Camera Mounts

The OLED screen displays data; including speed, battery power, hand operation mode, and running time continuously.

The SEABOW is also ready for action cameras to be mounted on it. Capture amazing sights without limits. Simply mount your camera to the SEABOW and start diving. Point and shoot like never before.


In Closing

The SEABOW is easily one of the top Water Scooters on the market right now. It is Ideal for all underwater activities. The controls are extremely simplistic; requiring no previous water scooter experience. The one-hand handling feature is an amazing added bonus. The OLED screen is crisp, bright and easy to read underwater. The improvements on battery life as well as the low power alerts & vibrations really bring the SEABOW up to the next level. The SEABOW is light weight and has a sturdy design.

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