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For that perfect summer experience

Memorable summer experiences are part of growing up – endless days rolling in the fields, racing down the sidewalk or bathing in the ocean with the sun beating down on our bare skin. Experts agree that these summer vacations are formative and will be cherished by children in the moment and long after it has passed. Why not invest in memories for a lifetime? 

Built with safety in mind, our extraordinary water scooters promise a thrilling and comfortable water adventure. Enhance your child’s day at the beach or the pool with the Yamaha Explorer and Seal Seascooters. Each scooter is designed with the little ones in mind so that your child can look for shells and play with fishes and crabs in unforgettable underwater experience – all while being safe. Not comfortable with venturing into mermaid territory? Kids can engage in an electrifying escapade on the surface of the water with The Sublue Swii Electronic Kickboard Water Scooter. Its buoyant design and vibrant LED lights promise a vibrant experience while your child glides across the waves. The best part of all this is that you can use it too! Our products guarantee fun in the sun for each family member and unforgettable experiences for years to come.

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