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LeSwim Electric Kickboard

Using An Electric Kickboard for Swimming

When learning how to swim and improve the technique, often times you use a floating foam board. The new electric kickboards will allow us to float with less work and maintain posture. When a child learns to swim, apart from floating, they teach them to have good dexterity with their kicks and strokes. We all agree that in order to know how to swim, there must be a balance between floating, stroking and kicking. However, the standard kickboard requires your kids to do more effort to kickback while swimming to move a little forward. The solution? I suggest you to take a look at Leswim electric kickboard. Here’s why:

  • The electric kickboard provides electric propulsion, swimming aids, and more aquatic recreation.
  • Ideal for novice swimmers and especially, kids
  • Soft skin cover made of high-density plastic, impact resistant, and agile.
  • The propeller is die-cast aluminum alloy, with a high facial value and great power to enhance your swimming time.
  • Moreover, you can also put GoPro on the Leswim so it can capture fun moments happen when your kids learning how to swim.

Learn how to float with Leswim

To learn to swim, we must first learn to float in water so we don't sink. It is crucial to know how to float. The board, because it is made of foam material, floats and serves as a support when it comes to learning to float and can even support the weight of whoever sits on it,  whether sitting or lying on it. Thanks to the electric kickboard, and without much effort, children can learn all the positions required for swimming with efficiency.

Learn how to give a stroke

The stroke can be uncomfortable to do if it is not taught well. There are different types of stroke, the  butterfly, swim to breaststroke, the stroke that takes place when swimming in crawl. According to what  style, the techniques will be one or the other and the position of the electric kickboard will vary. The important thing is to reinforce the style of swimming with the kickboard.

Learn How to Kick 

In all styles, the kick is something fundamental. It is the engine that will give us momentum and speed. To learn to kick, children can hold the kickboard with their arms stretched out in the water and kick until they reach a point in the pool. Of course, this effort is minimized using electric propulsion. If you want your children to learn to swim correctly, getting the perfect balance, and making it more fun, Leswim can help! Get your Lewswim Elecetric swimming kickboard today officially on Wanderlust Drones before it runs out!

LeSwim Electric Kickboard

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