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Best Underwater Drones for 2019

Best Underwater Drones - 2019

We'd love to help you pick out your ideal underwater drone. We've put together a list of the hottest underwater drones on the market right now. This list is our Best Underwater Drones, and is not in any particular order. Here we go!


The Gladius Mini has definitely earned a spot on this list. Capable of capturing captivating real-time 4K UHD video and 12 MP photos from up to 330-foot depths. The Gladius Mini comes with a 50m (164ft) tether, but can be upgraded to the 100m (330ft) tether. Don't worry about how to travel with a Gladius Mini, the travel backpack comes standard with the Gladius and fits everything you need inside. Lastly, the Gladius is easy to setup and the app is incredibly intuitive.

- 4K UHD
- 2 x 1200 Lumen Lights
- Live-Stream and HDMI Output included
- One-Touch Social Sharing 
- 45 Degree Tilt and Tilt Locking 
- Depth Lock, Tilt lock
- On The Go Color and Image Optimization

View Gladius Mini


The FIFISH V6 is another amazing underwater drone. The FIFISH has 6 thrusters, is capable of making all sorts of spins, rolls and pans through the water. The FIFISH records 4K video, comes with built-in image stabilization and can dive to depths of 100m (330ft). Equipped with bright lights to ensure you can see everything you need to at these depths.

- 360 degrees of movement
- 4K Video
- 4000 Lumen Lights
- Live-Streaming
- Posture Lock
- Ultra Wide FOV

View FiFish V6


The TITAN has a powerful 4K 30fps camera, can dive to 150m (492ft), and is equipped with 6 thrusters which are easily controlled with the simplistic design of the controls. controlled easily. The Titan is unique with the attachable upgrades that can be purchased for it; The Robotic Arm, capable of grabbing and surfacing with items found below the sea as well as color correction lenses to help preserve the true colors while underwater.

- 4K 30fps camera        
- 6 thrusters
- Diving Depth of 150m (492ft)
- 160 Degree Field of View
- 2 x 1500 lumen lights 
- Attachable upgrades (Robotic arm and correction lenses)
- 4 knots speed in water



The  CCROV is a professional underwater robot which can dive to the depth of 100 meters underwater to complete a variety of photographic and video graphic tasks. It's an efficient tool for diving, fishing, boating, yachting, sailing, and other ocean activities; the CCROV can also be used as professional detection equipment for aquaculture industry, infrastructure inspection and other underwater observation tasks. 

- Portable and Ready to Dive
- High Quality Material & Integrated Design
- 6 Thrusters/5 Degrees of Freedom/ Precise control
- 4K Camera & 720P Live Video Transmission
- Professional Tether Deployment System (TDS) 



The BIKI  is something completely new and refreshing for the Underwater Drone world. The BIKI swims and propels itself through the water with its powerful tail, much like a real fish. The BIKI boasts a long battery life as well as customizable routes to pre-plan where the BIKI will swim.  The features on the BIKI are nothing short of powerful: 4K UHD camera with a 150 degree field of view, built-in stabilization, 196ft diving capability, built-in GPS, wireless controlling, and obstacle avoidance.

- 4K UHD stabilized camera     
- Strong tail propulsion 
- Obstacle Avoidance
- 196ft diving capability
- 2 x 114 lumen lights 
- Route Customization
- Long battery life.



The  PowerRay Underwater Drone is one of the most powerful cameras for underwater photography, movies, research and more. Start shooting professionally with PowerRay's integrated 4K Ultra High-Definition camera which boasts real-time 1080P underwater streaming that pairs with your mobile device. Studying fish or searching for an intelligent fishing solution? The detachable fish finder is the perfect add-on to all your underwater discoveries and adventures. Simply pop the finder on the water's surface to measure water temperature and to activate its sonar system.

- 4K UHD and 12mp camera             
- 1080P Live Streaming             
- Multiple Photo modes including Burst Mode            
- Detachable Fish Finder to locate fish      
- Easy to use Headset for full immersion
- 98ft Diving capability

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