5 Best Drone Cameras for Underwater Exploration

5 Best Drone Cameras for Underwater Exploration

Are you an avid snorkeler, scuba-diver, or ocean-lover wanting to share your underwater explorations above sea level? Whether you’re just starting to get into underwater photography or you’re looking to advance your skills, choosing the best drone camera can seem like a daunting task.

We’re here to make it simple! Check out our guide that highlights 5 best drone cameras for all types of underwater exploration.

Drones for Snorkeling

Snorkeling requires a special type of drone that can capture both sea-level and underwater adventures. Whether you’re trying to capture friends snorkeling or want to film marine life below, there are several options out there that can do the job.

Our favorite has to be Powervision’s Powerdolphin underwater drone. Not only is this drone known for its sleek design; but, it has some incredible features to enhance your underwater photography.

Its 4K UHD 132° wide-field camera allows you to shoot life above and below water easily with 3 modes: cruising, normal, and underwater. The drone also allows for path navigation and auto-return, making it easy to control outside of the water.

Drones for Deep Dives

Many drones allow for underwater photography; but, sometimes they’re not capable of diving deep enough. Deep dives can offer some of the most unique experiences that just can’t be found at more shallow diving.

When it comes to deep diving, the Titan is in a league of its own. This drone is the most affordable underwater drone on the market with the highest water depth of 150m (492ft). Regardless of whether you’re a professional or beginner, this affordable drone can be your trusty guide under or above the sea.

With its 160° ultra-wide-angle lens, it can create 4K videos and 8MP photos rich with detail and color. It also makes navigation easy with its game-like control system that connects with your smartphone or tablet.

The Fifish P3 is also a great drone to capture deep dives up to 100m (328ft). Not only is it one powerful device; but, its compact design allows for automatic cruise, fixed depth, and underwater suspension.

Drones for Night Dives

Similarly to deep diving, night dives provide an entirely different and incredibly unique experience.

Capturing marine nightlife can be difficult without proper photography equipment. Aside from needing sufficient light, you’ll need a drone that can be easily steered.

Powervision’s Powerray provides an excellent drone for night dives. Its built-in LED front lights provide sufficient light to explore the deep ocean while providing excellent navigation through its virtual controller that connects with your mobile device.

For deep night diving, we suggest exploring with the Titan or the Fifish P3 (equipped with two 2000 lumen lights bulbs), as these drone will allow you to light deeper areas of the ocean with ease. The iBubble also provides underwater lights with its two 1000 lumen light bulbs.

Drones for Wreck Dives

Although most of the above mentioned drones can work for capturing wreck dives - having a drone that can be manually controlled as well makes all the difference. You also want to make sure that you’re not diving a wreck with a drone that uses a tethered wire. This can pose an entanglement risk when diving through small spaces or inside certain structures.

The iBubble is the best drone camera for maneuvering through wrecks that are consumed by corals and marine life. Simply call the device towards you with your iBubble wireless bracelet, grab its handles, and capture.

Want to leave it hands-free? No problem! This drone was also built to autonomously avoid obstacles.

Regardless of which diving adventure you choose, these best drone cameras for underwater exploration are known as some of the top underwater photography tools.

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